The proven system for melting off fat. building perfect muscle proportion and getting your HeroBody



the biggest promise ever made in the fitness industry...

I'm transforming the bodies and lives of 6000+ men through my most effective program ever designed within only 12 weeks!

Herobody is made to optimize your entire physique:

> Cut to Single Digit Body Fat

> Achieve Incredible Strength Gains

> Reveal Flawless HeroBody Proportion

> Master Your Bodyweight

My name is Jonathan Marshall and my entire life's mission comes down to one simple goal:

Seeing you get your HEROBODY.

HeroBody is my most potent and efficient program. Paving the way towards realizing your physique potential.

Three hard hitting phases designed to increase muscle density, proportion, and fullness.

By the end, the goal is to achieve shrink wrap shape, as if you were a superhero.


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 ✔ Exactly How to Lean Down to 6-9% Body Fat with EASE

 ✔ The Perfect Training Routine to Build Perfect Muscle Proportion

 ✔ ​How to Bust Through Your Strength Plateau's and Feel Like a                  Superhero

 ✔ The Most Enjoyable & Satisfying Diet to get shredded & Still Enjoy          Life​ 

 ✔ How to Get into Shrink Wrapped Shape 24/7 and 365 Days a Year

 ✔ Becoming a Powerful & Strong Man in your Prime

The keys to crafting a herobody





Is it possible for a skinny guy to build broader shoulders? If you’re a naturally thin “ectomorph,” chances are you have a thinner bone structure, which often includes having narrower shoulders. Perhaps that’s why you’re interested in finding out if you can build broader shoulders.

While certain overdeveloped areas can overshadow an impressive physique, the shoulders and lats (key V Taper muscles) can never be too well-developed.

Even some of the top body builders in the world fail to achieve the right size in their back, and even if they do, many fail to grow it to the right proportion. This comes down to what exercises you do, how you perform them, and how often.

The idea that we get abs through working out is essentially untrue – we already have our abs. Doing exercises for our core only makes them stronger and bigger, prime for reducing our chance of back injury and for improving sports performance. But if your abs aren’t visible, it’s not for this reason.

Getting actual visible abs is instead a result of cardio and a wholesome, healthy diet. If there is a layer of fat covering your abdominal muscles, you could basically do leg raises and crunches every day for months and you’d never see a difference. 

Why So Few People Are in This Type of Shape

Let’s be honest, very few people will ever get into Herobody shape.

For years, this level of condition was reserved for a select few actors, olympic level gymnasts and a handful of pro athletes with top tier genetics.

You must achieve a few things to get into this type of shape:

     ✓ You must get down to single digit body fat for                    crystal clear definition. Face chiseled, muscles                  popping, waist taut... Even most personal trainers              & fitness experts can't pull-off this condition all                  year round.

      ✓ You must build and develop a great level of                         strength and muscle size (while remaining                           incredibly lean)

      ✓ You must master the development of key muscle            groups (upper chest, shoulders, traps, VMO,                        Brachialis) which give your physique incredible                  aesthetics.

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Craft the physique women drool over🥵


PHASE 1: Minimalism

Just the essential lifts with low volume and maximum intensity. This is the strength and density phase. During phase one the goal is to build a great deal of strength off of low volume training.

This hardens and compacts your physique, and sets the stage for rapid increases in muscle growth
(once we add a few key strategies to the mix).

The first phase is a 4 week process, and the goal is to slice off 2% body fat and increase strength on key lifts by 10 pounds.


PHASE 2: size and strength

This is when we strategically increase training volume and repetitions to produce a balance of muscle size, strength, density and proportion. This is an incredible routine to get bigger, stronger and more defined!

In the second phase we add more exercises and more volume, producing a very well rounded physique. The goal during phase 2 is to cut an additional 2% body fat, and increase muscle fullness, leading us into the 3rd and final phase.

Up until this point, we’ve developed a great deal of strength gains and leaned down by 4%. This is when we will start to look incredibly sharp. Now, our body is primed to make incredible gains with a few key changes.

The first of course, is that we will be increasing training volume significantly to the tune of 30-50%. Our body will compensate by rapidly increasing glycogen storage in muscles and increasing sarcoplasmic hypertrophy in muscles.

This rapid increase in muscle growth will make your physique what I like to call: Shrink Wrapped


PHASE 3: double down on your shrink wrap

During phase three we are also introducing a new training style called HeroBody Training. This is when we perform a lot of work in a short period of time with short rest periods. This works at rapidly increasing muscle growth via sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, and this is best used for limited periods of time (1-2 months).

The next strategy we are doing is two consecutive days per week (thursday and friday), involving strategic overfeeding. You see, when you’ve been in a deficit for weeks, your body is primed to gain muscle quickly.

We can capitalize on this, by doing 2 high calorie days per week. During this overeating period, our body is primed to store the excess calories in muscle tissue. Testosterone sky rockets too. You see, human beings are very bad at doing two things at once. Gaining muscle and losing fat. But by having periods of lower calories and periods of higher calories – we can program our body to strip off fat and pack on muscle.

I’ve worked with clients that were never able to pack on muscle while getting leaner. Until we implemented this strategy. It’s gangbusters! During phase 3, the goal is to drop 1-2% body fat while gaining muscle. This is when your physique will be ready for the Movie Screen and be completely shrink wrapped.

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The Herobody nutrition program

I have designed my most effective and transformative nutrition protocol to date.

You see, when you want to get into incredible condition we must learn how to strip off fat and gain muscle.

We must turn your body into a fat melting, muscle building machine! Now, we must also consume the perfect amount of calories, proteins, fats and carbs – each and everyday.

My latest nutrition protocol is going to make transforming your body automatic.

I will show you exactly how many calories and protein you must eat each day to strip off fat and pack on the perfect amount of muscle.

I’ll show you the most enjoyable diet strategy that will make getting downright shredded a walk in the park.

We will be utilizing intermittent fasting and a specific eating style that works like gangbusters.


Hundreds of my clients that were never able to lean down and get below 10% body fat, are now shredded with ease!

Once they implemented this diet strategy with their HeroBody training – their physique transformed before their eyes!

In this full blown nutrition program, I will teach you exactly how to master the nutrition to building the body of your dreams.

I’ll show you my secrets to make hitting your calories and protein AUTOMATIC.

Forget food scales and food tracking apps. I’m going to show you how to seamlessly lock in on the perfect calorie intake and protein intake with ease!


The Lean Bulking protocol

I have designed my most effective and transformative nutrition protocol to date.

The goal of the Lean Bulk protocol is to maximize muscle growth without fat gain. Done correctly, you should experience very impressive strength and muscle gains while staying lean.

On a lean bulk, your training will be amplified. Making faster strength and muscle gains than before.

You see, this program is designed to get you stronger and more muscular in a small calorie deficit. Now, imagine how effective this program is for strength and muscle gain when eating in a calorie surplus.

You will experience incredible strength and muscle gains! It’s pretty damn crazy. In fact, following this lean bulk protocol is how I get camera-ready with my biggest and strongest physique.

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included: the 12 week elite weight training program

Getting you into the best condition of your life is my goal.
Which means giving you all the tools for slicing off fat and building perfect muscle proportion!

Well, HeroBody Bootcamp is one of the most EFFECTIVE programs you can do to build a lean, strong and functional physique.

Best of all, you can get an amazing workout in at your local gym!

You see, elite weight training is honed in on the formula for looking downright incredible.

What is that formula? Relative strength.

Elite weight training tests how strong you are in relation to your bodyweight.
The stronger you get on weight moves, the better you look. Plain and simple 


included in the program

✓ 12 Weeks of weight Strength Progressions

✓ 3 Phase Split for Strength Progressions

✓ Weight Training Vault with Tutorials

✓ Full HeroBody Nutrition Module

✓ Bonus Physique Videos

introducing the herobody program

In the last 8 weeks, I’ve run 30 handpicked people through the Hero Body program. They’re currently on the shrink wrap phase and they’re already producing some of the best results
I’ve ever seen!!!

So I decided to do something special for you…

You see, summer is coming soon. My goal for 2021 is to get you ready for the best summer of your life. I want you to be in freaking INSANE shape.

I want you to be the most ripped, fit guy at the pool party – without needing to excuse yourself every 2 hours to eat some small pathetic meal out of tupperware.

HeroBody isn’t just about the results you’ll get throughout the 12 weeks, it’s about enhancing your overall lifestyle.

This program is made so that you’re LIVING and ENJOYING your life. I want you to stand out, land the woman of your dreams, and get locked into an up-ward cycle of on-going lifelong success.

Which is why right now, for a limited time, I’m running this insane discount of up to 50% off each tier of Hero Body. Once we close the doors to this promotion, the prices will
immediately double

You see, the compounding effect of transforming your body doesn’t just stop at 12 weeks.
It’s a lifelong journey of excellence, and unlocking opportunities you would have never had otherwise.

Career, networking, dating – these facets of your life get EPIC when you’re in
outstanding shape and have unwavering confidence.

Work with me to uncover your blindspots, push you into the top echelon, and experience
a full blown transformation in just 12 weeks. . .


The herobody program

Enroll in the industry-leading muscle-building program with over 70,000 men putting on lean, dense muscle with zero fat:

  • ✓ Gain Rock Hard Muscle without Fat

  • ✓ Develop Incredible Strength and Power

  • ✓ Build the Perfect, Attractive Body Ratios

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The 3 Month Guide To Gaining Rock Hard Dense Muscle

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The Art of Strength Progressions

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Complete Jonathan Marshall Cookbook and Nutrition Program

FUL 12 Week HeroBody Muscle Gain Training Program

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BONUS #3: Lean Bulking Blueprint

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Complete Jonathan Marshall Cookbook and Nutrition Program

FULL 12 Week HeroBody Muscle Gain Training Program

BONUS #1: Physique Mastery Routine

BONUS #2: The Leg Focused Training

BONUS #3: Lean Bulking Blueprint

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BONUS #5: Custom Supplement and Protein Plan

BONUS #6: HeroBody Physique Mastery & Proportion Guide

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frequently asked questions:
  • Is this too advanced for me?
    Starting out it's great to have a base level of strength, like performing 10 push-ups and 5 chin ups. That said, we’ve had many clients join that couldn’t perform a chin-up and after the first month, managed to bang out 5.

  • What equipment do I need?
    Most of the workouts for training can be performed with average gym equipment! We recommend having access to a local gym. having access to a bench, a full bar, plates, a set of dumbbels is great - most things which one can find at their local gym.

  • Is there any special diet I need to follow?

  • We have an incredibly effective diet protocol to follow. That said, this approach revolves around intermittent fasting (until lunch each day) and hitting the appropriate number of calories and protein. Therefore, you can eat your favorite foods and meals while leaning down. Steak and potatoes, chocolate for dessert and lots of fruit fit the bill perfectly. That said, we also have some vegans that have adapted the diet to their needs.

  • How fast will I see results?
    Our clients consistently see results on just the second week of the program. It’s so awesome. That said, the real physical changes happen around the 4-week mark. This is where your friends will really start to notice. And by week 12 you will be blown away at the transformation you made. Of course, this only happens when you follow the program and are committed.

  • I've tried so many programs before and nothing has worked... How is this different?
    Most fitness programs do not work. They fail to focus on the variables and levers that really matter. Once you join this program, there’s no going back! Within the first 1-2 weeks, you will see dramatic improvements in strength. As well, you will be leaner and sharper. There’s a reason why we have so many incredible transformations. Most of our clients failed countless times before jumping on this program!

  • Money is tight, so why should I invest?
    When you transform your body and improve your physique and confidence, life improves greatly. Investing in a PROVEN workout program is one of the best decisions you can make. So many of our clients began to excel in life, once they got their physique dialed in. It has dramatic effects on your confidence and even produces the halo effect. Being in top shape gives you a massive advantage in life.

  • How much time will this take? I’m busy with family, job, and moonlight as a bank robber...
    Here’s what’s so amazing, I don’t care how busy you are, this is the perfect program to transform you. There are four workouts per week and each workout is approximately 45 minutes! If you want to train more, we have bonus workouts you can do on the other days. But let me tell you, when you are training intensely and pushing for personal records each session - four workouts per week gets the job done better than anything.

  • How can training just 4 days per week and getting to eat huge meals really work? Surely training more works better...
    Here’s what’s crazy, many of my clients came to me after training 5-6 days per week and eating a super clean diet of 5-6 small meals per day. They were stuck, burnt out and frustrated. They switched to my program and they TRANSFORMED. How is this possible? How is it that doing less can work better?!

    Here’s the reality, transforming your physique is simple. The goal is to increase strength and achieve progressive overload. This is why you build muscle in the first place. Now by training just four days per week, you give your body unbelievable recovery. Your muscular system and your nervous system. In fact, it’s a known fact that it takes your central nervous system about 48 hours to recover after an intense training session. So by training four days per week, you are well recovered and stronger each session. This is why my clients achieve unbelievable gains.

    What’s more, absolutely, you can eat delicious meals and steak dinners and chocolate while getting shredded. Sounds to good to be true? It’s not. Fat loss is a simple equation. It’s about being in the perfect calorie deficit and consuming sufficient protein. When you begin fasting, you’ll be blown away at how much food you can eat - while hitting your calories and protein.

    Now when you fall in love with your diet, getting into unbelievable shape becomes effortless. To the contrary, you can eat a clean diet of chicken breast, brown rice, broccoli - and if you overeat your calories, you can actually gain fat! My strategy is to make the diet focused on results. To ensure you hit the right numbers so your physique transforms. As well, it’s my goal to make the diet so enjoyable and easy to follow that getting the physique of your dreams is a walk in the park! There’s a reason why we have thousands of movie star transformations. Brutal diets aren’t sustainable.

  • Are those insane transformations actually legit? I haven't seen such good ones before...
    Absolutely! Every single transformation shown, has been posted on my Facebook: Jonathan Marshall.. Each client has been tagged. Heck you can scroll through my Facebook and privately message them if you like. I get sent unbelievable transformations daily and we get epic transformations posted to my Facebook all the time. This program works better than anything and you are going to absolutely love it! No other program competes.

  • Is there a money back guarantee on programs?
    We offer a 10-day refund policy from the date of purchase on digital programs.

take action before it's too late...

Don’t kid yourself.

Don’t let yourself one day look back and have to realize “it’s too late”.

Don’t let it be too late to take control of your own life.

Right now, you have a choice.

Commit yourself to walking around the rest of your life in above average movie star shape,
with bulletproof confidence, crushing each and everyone of your life’s goals…

or let yourself be reduced to “average” and blend in with every other guy,
never truly stepping up to your full potential.

My question is:

Who are you going to be?

Click that button down below, and we’ll find out… TOGETHER.

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